About Us

Custom Built

We custom build every door to your measurements - non-standard sizes are never a problem with us! Most people sell a 36 inch wide door for a 36 inch opening,makes sense right?  well actually the door should be 42 inches wide so when it's closed it hides the trim,otherwise it doesn't look right. All our door are over sized to cover the trim on the sides and also the trim above the door, and we do this at no extra charge.


We install everything we build, every installation is a little different and we have the ability to make sure no matter what type of framing or opening you have it's going to be done correctly. 

Customer Service

What separates us from our competitors is our dedication to ensuring a wonderful experience from start to finish. We stay in constant contact with sample colors as the project is built,we send pictures of the finished door to make sure we are on the same page as far as the finish,the last thing you need is to be thinking of a certain color or stain and have us show up and it's not what you expected, it takes only a little extra effort but it's the right way to do business